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Who am I?

Dakota W Callicott

My parents remind me of a saying I used to have as a kid: “I’m taking a photo in my head right now.” Ever since I was little I’ve always had a deep interest in framing the world. I am a DP with experience shooting narratives, documentary shorts, music videos, and branded content. As I've explored the various genres of film, I gained an appreciation for stories that challenge one's perspective.

Born in the Pacific Northwest, I grew up on the line between the Oregon high desert and a Volcanic mountain range, and early on I explored the backcountry with a camera in hand. At 16 I spent three weeks on a sailboat off the coast of southeastern Alaska, where I deepened my love for the poetic and reflective non-fictional world of filmmaking. As I was often creating art spontaneously, I gained a great eye for composition.

During my BFA program in film & TV at SCAD, I worked with industry-standard equipment, became proficient in pre-production, and learned how to lead an efficient crew. 

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