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Greener Pastures


"Greener Pastures"
A Senior Thesis Project Directed by Medora LEvy

"Greener Pastures," directed by Medora Levy, is a narrative drama about grief. This story is simple, yet raw and vulnerable. For this film Medora and I landed on a look that was soft, understated, and inviting. We aimed to create a visual style that gently guides the viewer into the world, though this soon escalates as the sisters begin to argue. In order to emphasize this emotional shift, we decided to use handheld operation as they stepped outside the car.

When shooting Greener Pastures we had to maintain a small footprint on location, which led to a run-and-gun shooting style. Therefore, the lighting plans were simple, yet effective. Our best friends on set were 4x4 floppies and LED panels, as they required minimal gripology and power.


Pre-Production Work

Here are a few of my pre-pro documents from "Greener Pastures"

Greener Pastures DP Look Book

Greener Pastures OVerheads

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