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Mother Morphine

In Festival Circuit

"Mother Morphine"
A Senior Thesis Project Directed by Tessa Amadon

"Mother Morphine" is a narrative drama touching on subjects of drug abuse, sexual assault, and neglective parenting. When the director, Tessa Amadon, reached out to me about this project I was thrilled to shoot her story, as it inspired a wonderful visual language and offered many opportunities to challenge myself.

I aimed to achieve intimate, authentic cinematography while creating two distinct worlds: sobriety and intoxication. Shooting "Mother Morphine" demanded extensive organizational skills, and a talented crew, as it had many locations and moving parts. 

Pre-Production Work

Here are a few of my pre-pro documents from "Mother Morphine"

Mother Morphine DP Look Book

Mother Morphine Overheads

Mother Morphine Pre-Pro Schedule

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