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Colleen Cove Documentary

Currently In Production

"Colleen Cove" (temp. title)
A documentary Thesis directed by Will Dowler

"Colleen Cove" (temp. title), is a documentary directed by Will Dowler and Produced by Julia Moran. We are in the midst of shooting this project and will be revisiting Colleen Cove in January 2023. This documentary utilizes the poetic, observational, and expositional modes to tell a story about a nurse practitioner, Colleen Cove, who's unrelenting love for people has immensely supported those in her care. This film aims to explore the themes of: fragility, loss of memory, and passing of time. The goal of this documentary is to destigmatize the disease of Alzheimer's, and create empathy for its patients. 

This project has propelled me into the world of documentaries, and opened my eyes to the potential of poetic and observational documentary modes. I've learned how to shoot observational coverage, as well as find the story in the moment.

Pre-Production Work

Here is my DP look book/visual wish-list for the documentary

Colleen Cove Doc. DP Look Book

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