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My Joy

In Festival Circuit

"my Joy"
A Senior Thesis Project Directed by Soratchabhumi Sukkasem

"My Joy" is a narrative drama which reminisces on what once was. The film carries a playful tone of nostalgia, which we aimed to achieve through light and airy cinematography. However, once the film comes to a climax, the tone shifts to a slightly heavier, more dramatic note.


The logistics of this film were extremely exciting for me, as much of the film was shot guerrilla style. The lighting plans played on available light, while simply adding accents and subtracting light when necessary. To properly equip myself for the job I decided to shoot on the FX6, which was perfect for the run-and-gun style of our workflow. The camera's extreme sensitivity to light was perfect for the bookstore scene, where we wanted to motivate everything off of a simple lamp. 

Pre-Production Work

Here are a few of my pre-pro documents from "My Joy"

My Joy DP Look Book

My Joy Overheads

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